Top Tips For Selling

Thinking of selling your home? The first thing you should do even before considering contacting an agent is to take an objective look at your property i.e. through the eyes of a prospective buyer.


In a competitive market, it is important to present your property to its best advantage in order not only to improve your chances of selling but also to obtain the highest possible price.


As everyone knows, first impressions do count so, if the exterior of your property looks unkempt and uncared for, then the prospective buyer is likely to presume that the same applies to the interior.


A tidy garden, clean windows and unobstructed access to the front door will entice the buyer to view the rest of your property.  


Make sure there is no peeling paintwork around the front door or windows. It's a good idea to scrub the front door step too. If you have a front garden, make sure this is presentable, with no weeds or bins in view. If you can, politely ask your next door neighbours if they too can remove any bins or mess from view. Potential buyers will look at the surrounding houses as well as yours to get an impression of the neighbourhood.


If there are certain rooms which need freshening up with a coat of paint, make sure to keep your colour schemes plain and neutral – remember not everyone shares your personal taste. If possible, clear away as many personal knick-knacks and clutter as you can too, as these things can make it hard for someone to visualise themselves and their own things in the property. The more that a potential buyer can see themselves living in the property, the more likely they are to want to buy it.


Ensure that any minor repairs are fixed. This can be anything from dripping taps/shower heads and missing or broken handles/hinges to fixing holes in the walls and stains in the carpet. Minor fixes such as these can make the world of difference to a potential buyer when viewing your home. Fixes such as these are a simple way to make sure your property looks its best and that nobody is put off with the impression that the property is dirty, shabby or uncared for.


 Clean and tidy your hallway. This area gives the buyer the first impression of the interior of your property. Make sure that it is well-lit and clutter-free. A vase of flowers are always a good idea too, they will not only freshen up the room but will create that welcoming feel for the viewer. Don't forget to clear away any shoes or coats by the front door. There should be nothing crowding up the space in the hallway as it will instantly give the impression of the property being small.


The kitchen should be the cleanest room in the house. Keep worktops neat and tidy by wiping them down and clearing away any unnecessary items from the sides. Ensure that there are no dirty plates or cutlery in the sink as well making sure that lingering cooking smells are eliminated. A tip here is to provide that “homely” touch by way of the smell of fresh coffee or baked bread.


 Clean your bathroom to a high standard before all of your viewings. Polish all taps, fixtures and fittings and clean glass and tiles well, removing any mould, mildew or limescale. Open any blinds to let the light in making the room feel fresh and bright. Remove any old toiletry bottles from around the sink, bath or shower, keeping the space feeling clean and clear of clutter. Clean your towels and bath mat and provide fresh soap at the sink to make the space as welcoming as possible.


 If you have a garage, try to tidy this up as much as possible. Remove any old bits and bobs/junk you no longer need. The garage is the allocated place for the car and most prospective buyers will wish to view the garage in this capacity. If you store a lot in your garage, try to pack these items into cardboard boxes to make the area a bit tidier and less full of random clutter. Stack any bikes and sweep the floor to give an impression of space.


It is important to remember that not everyone is a pet lover and no-one appreciates bad pet smells. Wherever possible, eliminate any pet odours and pet hair from the property. It's also a good idea to keep your pet out of the way until the prospective buyers have gone. Always try to wash your pet's bedding with a freshly scented washing powder and also clear away toys and pet food bowls from the floors.


Try to create as much as you can a calm and welcoming atmosphere to your home. Switch off any distracting background noise such as the T.V. or radio, open the curtains and blinds to allow in maximum light or, if viewing in winter, turn on all main lights and lamps. As mentioned previously, fresh flowers will brighten up any room and a light spritz of a pleasant room spray throughout the house is also a good idea.


Never rush the buyer, allow them to view your property at their own pace and allow them the opportunity to ask questions. Try not to follow the buyer around as this can be disconcerting. Instead, lead the way by showing them around the whole property, pointing out any particular features where appropriate.    


Be polite and, above all, try to answer all questions honestly as a sale can be lost if the buyer discovers that you have been less than honest.



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